Vendor FAQ


Below are some Frequently Asked Questions that we receive from Vendors:

Q: What does GFM stand for?
A: Acronym for Gilbert Farmers Market.

Q: Is the GFM a Producer Only Market?
A: Yes, since the markets inception, the GFM has been a ‘Producer Only Market’.

Q: What type of products are allowed at the GFM?
A: The GFM is oriented towards local produce and local prepared foods with some exceptions towards things that either cannot be produced here in Arizona or is not available through local companies. These exceptions are limited and usually apply to; tea, coffee and seasonings.

Q: Does the GFM accept Craft Vendors?
A: The GFM is primarily a food market but does allow a limited (cannot exceed 10% of overall market) amount of craft. Craft has to be made by the Vendor and needs to pertain to food and/or gardening.

Q: What is the cost for a Booth at the GFM?
A: The GFM is a flat fee market and booths range from $20 to $45 depending on their location and vendor type.

Q: What size Booths are Available at the GFM?
A: Most booths are a 10×10 (for a tent setup). Larger booths are available upon request and availability.

Q: What type of licenses are required to participate at the GFM?
A: It all depends on what you sell but the main licenses are Town of Gilbert Transient License, Maricopa Health Department Permits (if selling or sampling food), Liability Insurance (if selling food) and signed Indemnity and Rules and Regulations.

Q: Do I need Insurance?
A: All food producers are required to have a minimum of $1,000,000 insurance policy. We recommend that any business has insurance. For a quick quote, go to: Accurate Insurance Agency

Q: Does the GFM give exclusivity to Vendors?
A: The GFM does not offer exclusivity at this time however we do limit the amount of a particular product sold.

Q: Is there power at the GFM?
A: No, at this time there is no power available at the GFM and special arrangements need to be made for vendors who require power.

Q: Is there water at the GFM?
A: Yes, at the Restrooms.

Q: Are Bathroom Facilities available at the GFM?
A: Yes, the GFM has 4 Bathrooms on site.

Q: Are Tents and Tables provided?
A: No, tent(s) and table(s) are each vendors responsibility.

Q: Are there covered Booths Available?
A: No space is currently available under the covered area.

Q: Is there vehicle access to the booth?
A: Yes, before and after the market. Depending on which booth location in the market, full time vehicle access is available.

Q: Where do Vendors park?
A: Within 300 feet of the actual market.

Q: Can I choose my location in the market?
A: No, new vendors are placed in available locations. Requests can be made however no vendor can be moved unless special arrangements have been made or a booth location has opened up.

Q: Is the GFM year round?
A: Yes, the GFM is year round.

Q: What are the operating hours of the GFM on Sundays at the Gilbert Library?
A: Saturdays from 8AM to 12PM during fall/spring season (usually October through March)
Saturdays from 7AM to 11AM during summer season (usually April through September)
Please note that the hour change is weather dependent and varies year to year.

Q: Is the GFM come rain or shine?
A: Yes, the GFM operates come rain or shine.

Q: How many Vendors usually participate at the GFM?
A: During the summer the GFM is around 60 vendors and close to 100 vendors during the fall/spring.

Q: How many customers usually visit the GFM on a weekly basis?
A:  The GFM has an average of 1500 customers per market during the summer time and over 3500 customers per market during the fall/spring.

For more information, please see the Vendor Portal: Vendor Portal