Town of Gilbert License

What Town of Gilbert License do I need to participate at the GFM?

Below are the six types of categories which allow a vendor to participate at the GFM. Please check to see which license you need:


Growers, Farmers, and Ranchers are not required to have a Town of Gilbert License as long as they only sell what they produce. If any product which they do not produce is sold then a ‘Transient Merchant License’ is required.


Craft Distiller Fair/Festival License with the Town Council and Department of Liquor approval. Contact Arizona Department of Liquor.

Link: Arizona Department of Liquor


501c3 Charities are not required to have a license as long as they are not selling any type of product. If any product is sold then a ‘Transient Merchant License’ is required.

Mobile Food Vendor License:

Food Trucks, Trailers, and Carts are required to have a Mobile Food Vending License ($55 per year) with an inspection by the Gilbert Fire Department (see Gilbert Fire Department Regulations).

Link: Mobile Food Vendor License

Standard Business License:

Businesses located in Gilbert should already have the Standard Business License ($35 per year) which allows them to participate in special events. This includes Gilbert Residence who do not have a Brick and Mortar elsewhere for their business.

Link: Standard Business License

Transient Merchant License:

All other vendors, are required to have an Annual Transient Merchant License ($55 per year).

Link: Transient Merchant License


For Questions, please contact the Town of Gilbert at: (480) 503-6700 or go to:

 Business Registration and Licensing.